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Briefly discuss the maintenance measures of thread breakage
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  As a common sensor, sewing machine thread break sensor has been widely installed in many places of our life. Do you know the protective measures of sewing machine thread break sensor? Now let me explain the maintenance measures of Sewing Machine Wire Break Sensor.

Sewing Machine Wire Break Sensor

  1. The sensor must be insulated from the pipeline by negative mechanical protection to ensure that the potential in the flowing medium will not affect the measurement results;

  2. Suitable grounding rings should be installed at both ends of the sensor. The sensor and grounding ring shall be insulated from the pipe flange. The earth rings on both sides should be connected to the sensor, not to the pipe.

  3. The pipe flanges on both sides bypass the sensor and are connected with copper wire with a cross-sectional area of 16mm2;

  4. The connecting bolts passing through the flange shall be made of insulating material, bushing and washer to isolate the bolts from the flange.

  5. The sensor is usually installed in the place where the stray current is strong in the pipeline, its two ends are connected to a part of the insulating pipe, and a grounding ring is installed between the insulating pipe and the infectious device. As with the traditional installation and grounding method, the grounding ring and clamp of the sensor are connected to the correct grounding. At the same time, the process pipelines on both sides of the insulated pipeline are also short circuited through the connecting line, so that the leakage current is mainly bypassed and short circuited to the connected copper wire, and the interference of the measured liquid on the sensor signal circuit is greatly reduced.

  The above is all about the maintenance measures of thread breakage sensor of sewing machine. Thank you for your understanding and support!

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