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Function and application of broken yarn sensor
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  Broken yarn sensor as a kind of sensor, in fact, it is widely used in our life. We must be familiar with broken yarn sensor. Do you know the function and application of broken yarn sensor? Let's talk about it for you.

Weft Detector for Parallel Yarn Drawing

  Yarn breaking sensor is a multi-channel universal filament detection system, which adopts advanced photoelectric nondestructive detection technology. When the system works, the emitter emits a light beam, which penetrates the detection area and projects the light spot onto the photoelectric receiver. The broken yarn sensor obtains the dynamic switch signal through the photoelectric probe. When the broken yarn passes through the beam, the detector will output a valid signal through the corresponding interface.

  In the application process, users can detect broken yarn, broken wire and small objects according to various humanized parameters provided by the series of products, and realize parking and alarm functions. This series of products effectively improve the production efficiency, save labor costs and improve product quality. The infrared electronic yarn breaking detector has the function of automatic error prevention. In case of yarn breaking, tension fluctuation and empty yarn, it can immediately cut off the circuit, stop the machine, and prevent the equipment from continuing to work during yarn breaking, resulting in waste of raw materials; At the same time, the broken yarn signal is displayed in digital mode, and an alarm is given to prompt the brake to deal with it in time. The detector can be used not only for roving, but also for monitoring the production of single yarn, multi yarn and spinning, such as winder, twisting machine, drawing frame, carding machine, drafting machine, roving machine, etc.

  At the same time, it is also used in the special field of textile machinery and circular knitting machine, that is, yarn breaker. It is suitable for any textile machinery or hosiery machine that needs to monitor yarn or monofilament production. The device has high sensitivity, stable quality and can replace the imported ideal products with reasonable price.

  The above is related to the application of broken yarn sensor function, so this paper ends here, thank you for reading!

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